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PBIS at Longdale Elementary School

Here at Longdale Elementary School, academic and behavior instruction go hand-in-hand. We use Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) as a way to provide students with instruction, support, and assistance through a positive, encouraging way. We target behavior skills where students may struggle and offer guidance and support to help individuals, classrooms, and the whole school achieve in a safe, positive environment. We recognize that students come to school with different life experiences and we create opportunities for students to develop and use strategies to cope, thrive, and succeed.

Through PBIS, we use evidence-based, system-wide practices and common language surrounding our four school-wide expectations: Respect Each Other, Offer Compassion, Act with Integrity, and Remember to be Responsible, or ROAR. We match our instructional approach based on the needs of students and continually teach our expectations. At Longdale, we believe that behavior is taught and reinforced just like math, reading, science, and social studies. Students who need support are provided intervention and support based on their needs and students who excel with our school expectations are provided leadership opportunities throughout the classroom and school.

Below is our Behavior Expectation Matrix. We believe the best way for students to know what we expect is to tell them what we expect.

Behavior Expectations for Virtual Learning


Behavior Expectation ROAR Matrix






















As a parent, there are resources for you to find out how you can support expectations at home and become more engaged at school. Please see the following websites for more information, and check back as we continue to add and update resources.

VTSS – Family Resources –

PBIS – Family Resources –