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School Supply List

Feel free to stop by the Main Office for a Copy of the Supply List




Teacher Recommended Supply List for 2019-2020 School Year


5 Marble Composition journals (black & white)

4 boxes of 24 count crayons (classic colors)*

1 standard size back pack

36 small glue sticks*

1 pair of child-safe scissors

1 box of tissues*

1 cloth zippered binder pencil pouch (no boxes please)

1 plastic 3 prong pocket folder

1 pair of earbuds (Please make sure they fit child’s ears)

6 black broad, chisel tip dry erase markers*

1 box of plastic bags–sandwich size*(slider closure)-BOYS

1 box of plastic bags–gallon size*(slider closure)-GIRLS

1 pack-24 count pre-sharpened pencils*

1 container of Lysol wipes*

*For Community Use


1 book bag/back pack (labeled)        

1 school box (pencil/crayon box-no zippers) (labeled)

30 glue sticks*                     

1 box color colored pencils* (girls)

1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue composition notebook (wide ruled preferred)

1 pair metal blade child-safe scissors

1 folder with pockets

4 boxes crayons (24 count)*

10 black dry erase markers*

2 boxes tissues*

3 dozen yellow #2 pencils *

1 10-oz. bottle (or larger) hand sanitizer*

1 container disinfecting wipes* (boys)

1 box gallon size plastic bags*(slider closure) (girls)

1 box quart size plastic bags*(slider closure) (boys)

*For Community Use


1 pack wide ruled loose leaf paper*

2 two-inch binders

1 pack blank index cards (100 count)*

2 packs of eraser caps*

2 packs of 5 tab plastic dividers*

4 boxes 24-count crayons (1 for each grading period)

4 packs #2 pencils* (pre-sharpened preferred)*

2 pair child-safe scissors (metal blade)

1 pencil pouch (no boxes please)

20 glue sticks*

8 yellow highlighters*

1 pair of headphones (can get at Dollar Tree)

1 box re-sealable snack bags (no fold over)*


1 box re-sealable gallon size bags (no fold over)* (boys)

12 black dry erase markers*

3 large boxes of tissues*

1 container of disinfecting wipes*

1 bottle hand sanitizer – 12 ounces*

5 black and white wide-ruled composition books

2 pack of rectangular pink erasers*

2 folders with 3 holes

*For Community Use


1 two-inch binder

2 one-subject spiral notebooks

3 dozen #2 wooden pencils* (Ticonderoga preferred)

4 boxes of crayons – 24 count

2 pocket folders w/prongs

20 glue sticks*

2 composition books (black and white ones)

2 packs of index cards

2 packs of loose-leaf paper (wide-ruled)*

2 large boxes of tissues*

1 box gallon bags* (boys)

1 box quart baggies* (girls)

1 pair of headphones (can get at Dollar Store)

1 pack cap erasers

12 dry erase markers – (black)

2 Highlighters*

1 pack of binder dividers

1 pair of child-safe scissors

1 zipper pencil case

1 pencil box

1 bottle hand sanitizer (girls)*

1 container anti-bacterial wipes (boys)*

*For Community Use



1    box of crayons or colored pencils

1    pack of dividers

1    zipper pencil pouch (no pencils boxes please)    1    pack of highlighters

3   dozen #2 pencils*

2    packs of dry erase markers*

2   packs of loose-leaf paper (wide-rule)*
36 glue sticks*

3   large boxes of tissues*

1   pair of child safe scissors

1   pack of cap erasers

1   3-pronged folder (for music)

1    two-inch 3-ring binder

1   set of headphones (inexpensive from Dollar Tree or Five Below)

7   composition notebooks

1    box of quart size plastic bags*(boys)

1   box of gallon size plastic bags*(girls)

2  bottles of hand sanitizer*

1   container of anti-bacterial wipes*

*For Community Use


2 pack of loose-leaf notebook paper (wide-ruled)*

5 dozen #2 wooden pencils (sharpened) and 1 pencil box

1 container of hand sanitizer*

3 boxes of tissues*

5 4-packs of dry erase markers with an eraser*

30 large glue sticks

1 box (8 pack) of classic colored markers

1 box of colored pencils or crayons

1 pair of scissors

15 highlighters

3 packs of 3×5 white index cards*

8 marble composition books

5 plastic pocket folders with holes

1 box zipper gallon plastic bags (boys)*

1 box zipper quart plastic bags (girls)*

1 container of anti-bacterial wipes

1 container of baby wipes

1 pack cap erasers

1 set of headphones                    –

*For Community Use



1  24-pack No. 2 pencils*

2  large packs of crayons*

1   pair of safety scissors (labeled with child’s name)

1   box of colored pencils

3  pocket folders

2  composition notebooks

3  boxes of tissues*

1  bottle of hand sanitizer (pump bottle)*

1  box gallon Ziploc bags*

1  box sandwich size Ziploc bags*

1  container of disinfectant wipes*

1  full packs of diapers/pull ups (if needed)

3  packs of baby wipes*

10 black dry erase markers*

20 glue sticks

1  pack of index cards*

1  box of markers (10 count)

2 highlighters

1 pair of headphones (labeled with child’s name)

1 plastic pencil box (labels with child’s name

Seasonal change of clothes, including underclothes and socks (labeled with NAME)


*For Community Use

** The following items would be greatly appreciates: Paper Plates, Markers, Playdough, Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Corn Starch


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